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Yellow wine filter imports foreign advanced technology and uses the high-quality stainless steel with diatomite as filter aids. It promotes yellow wine industry a big step from old mainbing filtering process to world’s advance ranks. It has characteristics like beautiful appearance,easy operation,low filter cost,high efficiency and so on.Filtering clarity can reach 99.8%. When managed correctly,it can remove particle under 1-0.1um and even can remove eschericha coil.
After filtration of diatomie, the feed liquid keeps flavor constant without the suspended matter and sediment. The liquid is clear&colorless,has high filtration degree and small liquid loss.
This machine is widely used in yellow wine,white wine,fruit wine and sake industry,and has gained critical praise,our company would like to try hard for you achieving good effect.
When filtering,form uniform diatomite pre-coating on the filter leaf surface at first and carry out the uniform pre-coating with constant speed evenly;when filtrate body goes through diatomite pre-coating,impurity is cut in and the clear liquid passes through the pre-coating by diatomite aperture and space between particles so as to clarify the liquid. Along with the filtration time,impurity will be more and more on the pre-coating and the filter channel will be blocked. Therefore it is needed to add a certain amount of diatomite.The diatomite and the suspended solid content in the filtrate can also be left and adsorbed by the filtering net at the same time to form the new filter layer. All these micro filter holes of the new filter layer can’t be blocked and the filtration performance shall be kept,so the filter period can be extended and one total filter volume can be added.When filtering ,if you need decoloring for the filtrate body,the activated carbon of one certain scale can be increased to reach the effect of decolorization.
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